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Welcome to the Prendergast Genealogy Page, my name is Maurie Prendergast and my wife's name is Joan (nee Barr). We live on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, in a suburb called Lilydale and have 6 children and two grandchildren, who are the delight of our lives. We started researching our families in early 1996 and have located many relatives here and abroad and feel it is time to put our research onto the Internet.

I am particularly interested in learning more about Maurice de Prendergast the Anglo Cambrian knight who accompanied Strongbow and the other Norman invaders when they invaded Ireland in 1170. If you would like a look at my current research click here.

As much as I would like to claim a direct descendancy from Maurice so far the only connection is that from about 1700 my ancestors lived in Clonmel in County Tipperary, which is close by the Ardfinnan and Newcastle areas where the early Prendergast's settled and also that my great grandmother registered her children at Black Rock College, Dublin as de Prendergast's, a tenuous connection.

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Our ancestors migrated to Australia in the 1800s, the families that I am particularly interested in are as follows:-

Clonmel, Co.Tipperary

Neddans, Co. Tipperary

N.Yorkshire in the Helmsley / Bilsdale area

Westmeath, Ireland their origin is a mystery

Spanish Jewish ancestors from the East End of London

Jewish ancestors from the Portsmouth & Southampton areas

Scottish mariners from the areas of Fife and Glasgow

Scottish miners who settled in the gold fields of Victoria and WA

Australia was a Penal Colony in the early days and it is now considered a privilege to have convict ancestors, unfortunately I cannot claim any such ancestors but as Joan's mother came from Tasmania she can trace her ancestors back to 7 convict families. Many convicts were transported for minor offenses and after their release became model settlers.

Willam O'NEIL - Irish descent but born at Burslem, Stafford in England, 1832
Jane COLLINS - Scottish descent from Ayreshire, Scotland trans.. in1846
William HURD - English descent from Halstead, Essex, England 1830
Thomas SAVAGE - English descent from Prinsted, Sussex, England trans.. in 1825
James GUNYON - English descent from Barnet, Middlesex, England trans.. in 1828
Sophia ROBINSON - English descent Cheshunt, Hartfordshire, England trans.. in 1828
Samuel BARRETT - English descent from Shoreditch, London, England trans.. in 1840


Some interesting incidents that have occurred follows:-

Florence NOAH (1859-1912) -A link with the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln
Nicholas MULCHAY (circa 1600) - Beheading by Cromwell's forces at Clonmel
William O'NEIL (1811-1876) - The first breach of promise suit in Melbourne
Edward Henry SAVAGE (1849-1876) - A sad tale from Tasmania
Richard George JARVIS (1893-1915) - Death at Gallipolli on Anzac day 25 March 1915



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If you have a connection with any of our families please contact us at as we have further information on their lives.