Reference Note 1

Grave S948 is a communal grave containing one of John Darragh's children, Annie Darragh and six of her children

Reference Note 2

Church of Latter Saints IGI

 Reference Note 3

Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue records

 Reference Note 4

Registrar General Dublin

 Reference Note 5

Parish records of St Mary's Clonmel sighted

Reference Note 6

Parish records sighted

 Reference Note 7

By 1851 Upleatham Census

 Reference Note 8

Upleatham church yard records sighted

 Reference Note 9

St Hilda, Danby, Monumental Inscriptions

 Reference Note 10

Highway In Van Dieman's Land by G.Hawley Stancombe Ref. page 47.

 Reference Note 11

Keilor Pioneers "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" by Angela Evans

 Reference Note 12

1913 Will & Administration for Junius Brutus Booth and Florence Booth.

 Reference Note 13

Archbishop of York Marriage Bonds and Allegations.

 Reference Note 14

LDS Ancestral File for John Wilkes Booth.

 Reference Note 15

Death Certificate of John Prendergast Solicitor issued by the Register of BDM in Dublin.

 Reference Note 16

Convict report from Tas. Archives Office states Burslem.

 Reference Note 17

1861 census

 Reference Note 18

St. Catherine’s index

Reference Note 19

Letters from Henry Roche of London, expert on Portsmouth Jews.

Reference Note 20

1851 Census for Southampton

 Reference Note 21

Jewish Chronicle 15 June 1866

Reference Note 22

Jewish Chronicle July 24 1863

Reference Note 23

Hampshire Telegraph 28/12/1844

Reference Note 24

1861 census for Southampton.

Reference Note 25

Burslem St Johns Church records sighted

Reference Note 26

Tasmanian LDS records of Cemeteries

 Reference Note 27

Keilor cemetery records

Reference Note 28

Irish BDM at LDS

Reference Note 29

Caroline Munday was a widow at Chidham with her daughter Caroline ,her husband Thomas Savage and Grandchild Aaron Savage at the 1841 census.

Reference Note 30

St Catherine’s Birth Certificate and 1841 census for Chidham confirms that Aaron was 7 months old when census was taken.

 Reference Note 31

Bosham church records sighted

 Reference Note 32

1841 Census for Bosham/Chidham

 Reference Note 33

Westbourne church records sighted

 Reference Note 34

Birth & Circumcision Register produced by the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, London, England.

 Reference Note 35

Marriage Register produced by The Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, London, England.

 Reference Note 36

Inscription on gravestone in Neddans cemetery, County Tipperary near Ardfinnan.

 Reference Note 37

The Clinic registry of BDM at Clonmel.

 Reference Note 38

Memorial at Catholic Parish church at Ardfinnan.

 Reference Note 39

Clonmel Chronicle August 1920.

 Reference Note 40

Will of Edward Barr of New House Bilsdale made 14/9/1795

 Reference Note 41

Will of Francis Barr of Bilsdale made 2/6/1753

 Reference Note 42

Will of Edward Barr made 23/4/1704.

 Reference Note 43

Gravestone at Kildale Parish Church.

 Reference Note 44

1841 census for Kildale.

 Reference Note 45

Gravestone inscription at old Upleatham Parish Church.

 Reference Note 46

Ardfinnan Parish church records.

 Reference Note 47

Gravestone Inscription at C of E Old St Mary's church Clonmel Tipperary, only old well to do catholic Clonmel families were buried here after it became a C of E church. The full inscription details are held at the Public Library Thurles and in my notes.

 Reference Note 48

Refer "Clonmel Gravestone Inscription Index". Copy at Clonmel Museum has only dates but full details of inscriptions are available at Thurles Library.

 Reference Note 49

Letter from Jonathan Myers.

 Reference Note 50

Gravestone Inscription at Mullough Abbey ruins at Newcastle viewed September 1996.

  Reference Note 51

Information from Spanish Portuguese Synagogue London. Refer Correspondence

 Reference Note 52

Death certificate

 Reference Note 53

Gravestone at St Mary's at Kempton.

 Reference Note 54

Tasmanian records

 Reference Note 55

Refer letter from Angela Anderson of the Mulcahy family

 Reference Note 56

Burke's "Landed Gentry of Ireland"

 Reference Note 57

From Week's Irish World Editorial "Arms of The Irish Clans" this editorial was given to me by Maud Ross Murphy as part of the Clan Mulcahy package. It is in the family file.

 Reference Note 58

Hawnby Parish Records Sighted

 Reference Note 59

Bilsdale parish records sighted.

 Reference Note 60

Will of Rachel Barr nee Barr wife of Edward Barr.

 Reference Note 61

Will of William Barr died 1838.

 Reference Note 62

Will of Robert Barr dated 28/12/1837 and probated 30/12/1842. Its value was 450 pounds.

 Reference Note 63

Helmsley church records sighted.

 Reference Note 64

Will of Christopher Barr died 21/2/1770 at Bilsdale.

 Reference Note 65

Will of Brian Barr died 1770..

 Reference Note 66

Will of Edward Barr died between 9/2/1793 & 7/ 6/1793.

 Reference Note 67

Will of Catherine Barr died 1819 wife of Edward Barr who died1793.

  Reference Note 68

Gravestone Inscription at Hawnby Churchyard

 Reference Note 69

St Hilda's Bilsdale monumental inscriptions.

 Reference Note 70

1851 Hawnby census

 Reference Note 71

Will of Junius Brutus Booth gives "of Manchester in the State of Massachusetts"

 Reference Note 72

Mulcahy Clan History written in 1907 by Francis Alphonso Mulcahy the son of James Prendergast Mulcahy. The document draws heavily on Burke's Landed Irish Gentry but also includes family history from other sources.

 Reference Note 73

O' Harts Irish Pedigrees

 Reference Note 74

National Archives Bishop St. Dublin gave Rossmore Cottage .

 Reference Note 75

School Records from Black Rock College Union, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Received 12/96.

 Reference Note 76

"The National Cyclopaedia" of the USA Vol 111,

 Reference Note 77

Admission Papers King's Inn 1607-1867 Dublin

 Reference Note 78

Clonmel Herald 26/3/1803

 Reference Note 79

Cork Journal Thursday 16 January 1761

 Reference Note 80

Claire Journal Thursday 28/5/1795

 Reference Note 81

"Oxford Companion to the American Theatre" by Gerald Bordman, New York: Oxford University Press, 1984.

  Reference Note 82

The 1851 Hawnby census for Chapel St gives the head of the house as William Bell aged 62, housekeeper as Elizabeth Barr aged 3 (should be 43 if she is the Elizabeth born 1808), daughter as Hannah Barr age 9, son as Thomas B. Barr aged 7,and a daughter Mary Barr aged 5 months. These children, place of birth and ages agree with those of the Illegitimate children of Elizabeth Barr who were born at Hawnby. It would seem that Elizabeth who was born in Bilsdale, in this census, is in fact the 43 year old mother of the children and as the boy is named Thomas Bell (see later ref. also) that William Bell is the father of her children. When Thomas Bell Barr later marries his first son is called John William & he later had a William Dickens. Refer 1841 & 1861 census for more details.

 Reference Note 83

1881 Bilsdale/Hawnby census

 Reference Note 84

Letters dated 16 Dec.1996 & 13 January 1997 from Fiona Carlin, Past Pupils Union, of The Blackrock College Union, Blackrock College , Blackrock, Co Dublin.

 Reference Note 85

Letter from Michael Fitzmaurice Prendergast sent to Julia Mary Mulcahy of Abbeyview ,Clonmel, Co Tipperary 30/7/1923 refers to Fanny.

 Reference Note 86

USA Social Security Death Index

 Reference Note 87

From "Walkers Hibernian Magazine" Issue 255

 Reference Note 88

Letters & Copies of documents from Jonathan E. Myers descendant of Barnett Solomon.

 eference Note 89

Andrade's "Record of Jews in Jamaica" 1939. Ref. pages 30-31, 120, 166 & 234.

 Reference Note 90

1851 London Census, see ref. Note 88

 Reference Note 91

1851 Bilsdale census.

 Reference Note 92

Bilsdale Surveys held by Blackburn Genealogical Society . N.Yorkshire County Record Office Pub. No. 23.

 Reference Note 93

"The Cambridge Guide to the American Theatre":, New York Cambridge University Press, 1993.

 Reference Note 94

Refer to "The Descendants of Barnett Solomon" a family history of the family , written by Jonathan E. Myers

Reference Note 95

Malcolm Stern's "First American Families" refers. Noah Genealogical tree.

 Reference Note 96

Letter from Kendra Stephenson, she is a relative through the Ainsley family.

 Reference Note 97

Listing of burials dated 1888 produced by "The Society of Friends in Cleveland" from the " Register of Births & Marriages Which Have Taken Place at Askill Meeting House (Bilsdale)"

 Reference Note 98

Included in the Administration papers dealing with the death of Frederick William Prendergast was a letter from a doctor at Portrane detailing the extent of Gertrude Prendergast's dementia, therefore she was still alive 20/9/1920.

 Reference Note 99

1881 Bilsdale Census.

 Reference Note 100

1799 Carrick on Suir census, available from Thurles Library, copy in notes where relevant.

 Reference Note 101

Will of Junius Brutus Booth 111 refers to his brother.

 Reference Note 102

Information from Coralie Janice Smith (nee Savage) of Tasmania via her cousin Judith Thomasson (nee Bender)

 Reference Note 103

LDS film 0100158 gives among other material "epitaphs" from various graveyards including St Mary's Clonmel. Some figures are wrong but other data is better.

 Reference Note 104

Will of Mary Prendergast (nee Murphy) died 1862.

Reference Note 105

1841 Bilsdale Midcable Census.

 Reference Note 106

From 1991 edition of book written by Rabbi Malcolm Stern (1915-1994) " First American Jewish Families (1654-1977)", page 262.

 Reference Note 107

LDS epitaph film 0100158 gives a grave of Margaret Prendergast daughter of Tom (ie. Thomas) Prendergast died 1769. She could be this Thomas's daughter. This grave not seen in Clonmel or listed at Thurles.

 Reference Note 108

Carrick on Suir Registration.

 Reference Note 109

1881 all Scotland census

 Reference Note 110

Church of Latter Saints IGI

 Reference Note 111

Lloyds Captains Register of Certificated Masters to 1869.

 Reference Note 112

1871 Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland census.

 Reference Note 113

1851 Port Glasgow, Renfrew census.

 Reference Note 114

A tall urn at the Port Glasgow Cemetery records the death of various family members.

 Reference Note 115

Cemetery records for Kirkcaldy Churchyard, Fife, Scotland.

 Reference Note 116

1841 Tyree, Argyllshire census.

 Reference Note 117

Glasgow Directories for relevant years.

 Reference Note 118

LDS registration of Scottish BDM

 Reference Note 119

Church or Registration records sighted

 Reference Note 120

Death certificate for James Robertson Burns

 Reference Note 121

Parish records sighted.

 Reference Note 122

Marriage Certificate of Robert Wilson Burns.

Reference Note 123

Death Certificate

Reference Note 124

1851 Blythswood, Lanark, Glasgow census

 Reference Note 125

1861 Port Glasgow census

 Reference Note 126

1861 Blythswood Census where she lives with her sister Jessie.

 Reference Note 127

Death Certificate sighted.

 Reference Note 128

GS Film 14505 Pt 316. Copy of Wemyss Parish records.

 Reference Note 129

Note on front sheet of War Record for Norman obtained from Canberra War Memorial records Department. Death was not in Victoria , was probably WA.

 Reference Note 130

There is no record of this person but considering the 4 adjacent (and only) Prendergast graves at old St. Mary's church Clonmel it is highly probable that all were from the one family. Also from the tradition of naming the first child after the grandfather, then John (the solicitor) could have been named after this John.

 Reference Note 131

Robert may not be the son of assumed John, but Robert & his son Geoffry are in one of the four adjacent graves and the DOB of Geoffrey could make his father Robert a son of assumed John.

 Reference Note 132

A Robert Prendergast died in Clonmel in 1886 aged 87, could be a fit.

Reference Note 133

Scottish researcher of Mrs. Jean Whimp, ref. Campbell family.

 Reference Note 134

The "Fastie Ecclesiae Scoticanae " which includes biographical details of the Established Church of Scotland since the Reformation.

 Reference Note 135

His grave on the Isle of Tyree has iron fence around it with grave inscription of "In memory of Archibald Campbell Miller, Cornaig died 23 January 1841. Aged 48.

 Reference Note 136

Old Parish records of Scotland for Ardchattan

 Reference Note 137

Death certificate Largs 602/43. Died at 8 p.m. Her daughter Margaret and family were living at Largs at the 1871 census. Her son Lachlan Campbell of 1 Hill St. was the informant. Cause of death disease of the heart, died suddenly.

 Reference Note 138

The NZ record of J. T. Campbell is based on the contents of the family diary of John T. Campbell of Dunedin and handed down as a treasure of the family of Jean Whimp the grand daughter of Archibald Thomson Campbell (1824-1891).It gives ,inside the back cover' his date, place and time of death. He apparently died whilst droving sheep. Further investigation is required to determine accuracy.

 Reference Note 139

Family bible. ref. Jean Whimp.

 Reference Note 140

Information from grand daughter Jean Whimp

 Reference Note 141

wedding certificate

 Reference Note 142

1881 census for 64 Rosebank Terrace

 Reference Note 143

Wedding certificate

 Reference Note 144

1891 Partick, Glasgow census showed all of the children with Agnes.

 Reference Note 145

Internet. The Joiner Marriage Index for County Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire.

 Reference Note 146

Bevis Marks Death Register referred to in letter from Gerry Winerman, California, a Mendoza researcher..

 Reference Note 147

From age, etc given in PRO Inwards Shipping for ship William & Jane which arrived at Melbourne Dec.1853.

 Reference Note 148

· "The Mad Booths of Maryland" (2nd ed.) by Stanley Kimmel (New York: Dover Publications,1969).

 Reference Note 149

1881 London census.

 Reference Note 150

1861 Hawnby/Helmsley census

 Reference Note 151

1861 Bilsdale census.

 Reference Note 152

Harkaway Primary School - origins to 1975, by Jennifer Boyer.

 Reference Note 153

1881 London Old Artillery census

 Reference Note 154

1871 Spitalfields census

 Reference Note 155

Bevis Marks, Spanish & Portugeuse Synagogue, London, Burial Register held at Blackburn Genealogical Centre.

 Reference Note 156

1841 Bilsdale West Side census

 Reference Note 157

Bruce Coller.